Do you have online ordering available for your customers yet?

Finally, there is a real solution for independant pizza shops!

Dear Restaurant Owner,

These are the top ten reasons I would love to order to order from you online:

10. I can pay with my credit card.  
9. Zeno's Pizza is an easy, fun, and secure way to order pizza. 
8. I can make sure my order is placed correctly.
7. I don't have to wait on HOLD until someone has time to take my order!
6. I'm really sick of ordering from the chains just because they are online and you aren‘t.
5. You won't have any trouble hearing me.
4. I won't have any trouble hearing you!
3. I can review your complete and current menu before placing my order.
2. I can order an online special even if I can't find those coupons you gave me. 
1. If you sign up as a result of this flyer, Zeno's Pizza is going to buy my dinner!   

Go to and check it out.  There are Frequently Asked Questions and their answers posted for you to review. You can also flip thru some pages to get an idea of how their system works. 

Then give them a call, 1-866-4ZE-PZZA, or send an e-mail to They will be happy to answer any other questions you still have. Please remember to tell them I sent you so I can get my free food!

When you contact Zeno’s Pizza please mention the name:____________________

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