Questions Most Frequently Asked by Restaurant Owners

Q. What happens if I go on vacation and close my store for a few days?

Just give us a call or send an email letting us know what days you will be gone and we will turn your menu off. It's as easy as that. Your menu will not appear to customers for the time that you are gone.

Q. Do I have to own a computer?

No, the orders will be sent to your restaurant via fax. So no computer is required for you to receive orders from Zeno's Pizza.

Q. Do I set my own prices and determine my own menu? Can I keep and use my own logo?

You set your own menu prices just like you do now. We simply take your existing menu and set it up in the form of a shopping cart. You can even have online specials that customers can order with the click of a mouse. If you can email us your logo we will put it on your menu. We try to make your online menu look like your regular paper menu.

Q. Do I have to change my delivery area?

No, our mapping system enables you to specify the exact area you wish to deliver to. If you don't deliver, we can handle that too. If you charge a delivery fee, we can automatically calculate that in as well.

Q. Do I have to do my own web design?

We will handle basic web design for you. You just have to provide your menu, we do the rest.

Q. How is the order transmitted from your site to my store?

We send the order to a dedicated fax machine in your restaurant. A copy of the order is also sent to an email, that we provide to you for this purpose, as a back up for your records.

Q. Why do I want to be on your web site with so many other pizza restaurants?

When the customer enters their location our system will automatically display the menu of the restaurant that is closest to the them. The customer will then have the option to select a different restaurant if they choose. Your loyal customers will still seek you out and order from you just like they would if they were looking you up in the phone book. However, we hope to direct a lot of new customers to your store using this method.

Q. How often do I get paid for the orders placed at

You will receive payment from Zeno's Pizza at least once a month. If your volume is higher we plan to generate more frequent payments. Ultimately we would like to pay each restaurant once a week.

Q. Can I have my own web site that links up to the Zeno's Pizza's ordering system?

Yes! This is an option that is available for an additional annual fee. For security purposes we would require that your site be hosted on our server.

Q. Why do I have to pay a set up fee? What is included in the annual fee? Why don't you just bill monthly?

We have costs involved when we add your restaurant to our system. We have to pay someone to set up your menu and set the parameters for your delivery or carry-out area. We will also maintain your menu and delivery or carry-out area throughout the year should you have any changes. The fee is small enough that it's more convenient to pay once a year then to hassle with paying it every month.

Q. Why does Zeno's Pizza take a percentage of each order?

We take a small percentage of each order to cover the costs charged by the credit card company and for transmitting the fax to your restaurant. A portion of that fee is also set aside for the purpose of advertising the web site so that we can draw in more customers for you.

Q. Do I get any email accounts?

Yes! Zeno's Pizza provides you with two e-mail addresses. For example your address would be One email will be used by us to send back up copies of the orders we have processed. The second email will be used for other correspondence between us.

Q. Is there a monthly fee?

No monthly fees. It's more convenient to pay the annual fee one time a year. We do take a percentage of each order, but if you are not getting any orders our service doesn't cost you anything each month.

Q. Why do I need Zeno's Pizza? Why can't I just go set up my own web site and ordering system?

You can set up your own web site and ordering system, but it will cost you. The programming for the ordering system alone is thousands of dollars. It is our experience that the independent pizza shop owner is not willing or able to devote resources like that to a web site. We want to make it easier for the independent restaurant to compete in the virtual environment. You are an independent restaurant owner not an internet computer company.

Q. Is the Zeno's Pizza web site secure?

Absolutely. We are making great efforts to make sure that we meet or exceed all of the security requirements made by the credit card companies. We feel it is better and easier to take extra precautions now to protect the customers information then to clean up the mess later.

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