Our Privacy Statement

We will never trade, sell, or otherwise distribute any of your personal information that we ask you to provide when you place an order with us. The restaurant making your order will only be given what they need to properly service your order or to resolve any disputes that could possibly arise.

We won't even tell your Mom that you feed your kids pizza five nights a week. Your secrets are safe with us.

We have taken the necessary steps to make sure our site and the transmittal of your personal information is as secure as possible. If we are ever made aware of a security breach, you, the consumer will be notified right away.

Send mail to: Information@ZenosPizza.com with questions, comments, or suggestions about this web site.
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For all the long mumbo jumbo, send a legal sized, self addressed, and stamped envelope, and we will send you something. However when you do this, we will most likely not let you order from us again as we will not want to deal with the possible lawsuit you might be intending to bring against us.