Article by Michael P. Cohen

Online Pizza Ordering from a Marketing Perspective

The Internet offers pizza operators the most cost effective marketing tool in history, as a matter of fact it will help increase your bottom line if online ordering is added to your website. Marketing status agree that your website will play a center role in your business revenues forever.

There are only 4 main reasons why people may want to go to your site:

· To get general info (this is especially true for first-time patrons, (i.e. directions )

· They were enticed by web coupons or email offers

· Check your menu online before a phone order

· The top reason: to order online.

It turns out that 90% of all people who using pizza online ordering service said:

· They rather order online than by phone

· Presented with equal options they will choose to order from a restaurant that has online ordering over one that does not.

12 Advantages Vs. 1 Disadvantage

1. You give people a good reason go back to your website again and again.

2. You get to know who is ordering what

3. You can judiciously poll them and know what they think and what they wish.

4. They give you their email address with no hesitation because there is a purpose to it.

5. You can conveniently and automatically create your email list

6. You can send emails without Spam

7. You inherently develop a personal relationship with your customer

8. You can analyze the results of any given email marketing campaign

9. It is inexpensive

10. It saves money:

· It is much cheaper/effective than any other medium.

· Reduced phone calls -> reduced operators -> reduced training

11. Increases Customer Satisfaction / Improves Brand Image

· Offering alternatives for purchase, just like accepting credit cards, improves your image to the eyes of your customer. Makes you customer-oriented company.

· Reduced errors

· It is convenient for the customer (especially for long orders); they can take their time.

· It is faster

· Gives a reliable level of customer service (avoids teenager tantrum syndrome).

12. It does Sales: No other marketing medium can do that (Internet Sales are 20% higher than in-store)

Disadvantages: 1. It's new for you and your customer.

The average cost per store:

· Setup fee: $200- $1500 dollars depending on design level and menu:

· $10 Maintenance / location

· 10% of sales (including Credit Card discount fee).


· No in-store computer required works through your fax machine

· No computer knowledge required

· 24 hour on-call customer support/ monitoring for you and for your clients

· Very Flexible Menu with item pictures, optional ingredients, optional costs

· Accommodates any topping scheme

· Friendly custom interface to match your own website

· Accepts off-line regular print coupons. Checks automatically for applicable coupons.

· Custom online-only coupons

· Keeps customer profile

· Automatically compiles customer email list.

· Accepts all credit cards.

· Secure. SSL Transmission. No credit card info stored on website

· Email marketing capability.

· Polling capability

· Customer can include tip in the bill. Automatic tip calculation (5%, 10%, 20%, any amount)

· Online help

· Email and onscreen confirmation. Order tracking.

· Up to the minute online sales tracking/Reporting.

Did you know that in 1993, that Encyclopedia Britannica had its best year in business and in 1997 went bankrupt? Do you know why? Paradigms – When a paradigm shifts, everybody goes back to zero.

You may not like computers but your customers do, don’t get left behind. Online ordering is affordable and if you don’t think you need to be a cutting edge Pizza operator then sit on the side lines and watch your competitors sell more pizza. The fact is pizza guys are 5-6 years behind the rest of the business world in the United States. I know Pizza operators that don’t even have a fax machine, but technology is here an is only going to get more and more involved in our daily lives, so let’s go.

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